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Whitehall City Schools - 5 Schools


Location: Whitehall, Ohio

Client: Whitehall City Schools

Description: As part of the Whitehall City School District’s $78 million bond program, a new 118,500‑square-foot high school facility was constructed for 700 students in grades nine through 12.  Mechanical and electrical engineering design involved energy-efficient site utility, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems; the facility is registered for LEED Silver Certification.  HVAC design included Daikin variable-refrigerant-flow (VRF) cooling and heating system, heating water boilers, air-cooled chiller, hydronic piping, ductwork, dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) units, modular indoor central-station air-handling units, insulation, air balancing, and controls.  Electrical design included power systems, advanced classroom lighting (smart lighting), daylighting controls, site lighting to meet light pollution reduction credit for LEED, lightning protection, fire detection and alarm system, and natural-gas emergency generators.  Plumbing and fire suppression design included wet-pipe fire-suppression system, laboratory gas piping and chemical waste and vent system, and ultra-low-flow plumbing fixtures.  The school included a kitchen and a food service and ware-washing area of approximately 1,600 square feet.  Autodesk® Revit® was used for building information modeling (BIM) to increase accuracy, simplify estimating and cost evaluating, and help resolve conflicts before construction began.

Firm's Responsibility: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design Services

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