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Design Services

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems:
Single-zone cooling, reheat, and fan-powered single-zone systems
Gas-Fired Furnaces
Air-to-Air Heat Pump Systems
Rooftop Unit (RTU) Systems
Dual-Duct Systems
Unit Ventilator Systems
Fan Coil Systems
Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
Induction Systems
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
Gas-Fired Make-Up Systems
Energy Recovery Wheel Systems
Data Center Systems
Ventilation and Make-Up Air:
Exhaust systems
Clean rooms
Special temperature and humidity control
Laboratory ventilation
Industrial ventilation

Boiler Plants and Industrial Piping

Steam and Hot Water Boiler Plants
Boiler and Auxiliary Equipment
High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Steam and Condensate


Energy Audits
Energy Studies
Feasibility Studies
Utilities Analysis
Load Measurement
Control Systems
Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Ice Storage
Energy Conservation Measures Implementation Design


Coolers and Freezers
Central Chiller Plants

Project Management

Critical Path Method (CPM)
Construction Review
Construction Administration

Electrical Power Distribution

Building Services
Secondary Distribution
Emergency Power Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
Primary Distribution and Substations


Exterior Flood Lighting
Interior Lighting
Security Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting

Building Protection and Life Safety

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
Security Systems and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems
Auxiliary Electrical Systems
Door Control Systems

Plumbing Systems

Sanitary, including Chemical Waste
Domestic Cold and Domestic Hot Water
Natural Gas
Compressed Air
Oxygen/Vacuum Systems
Medical Gases

Fire Protection Systems

Wet and Dry Pipe Systems (Performance-Based)
Fire Pump Systems