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City of Columbus Jerry Hammond Center Boiler Replacement

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Location: Columbus, Ohio

Client: City of Columbus

Description: This project involves asbestos abatement and the replacement of three boilers constructed in 1963, each with a 2,800,000 BTUH (British thermal units per hour) capacity. HVAC design included demolition work, temperature controls, heating water piping, boilers, primary and secondary pumping, pressure-type flue, expansion tank, and HVAC balancing. Electrical design included work to support the HVAC work, including control wiring, starters, and disconnect switches.

The replacement is being performed during the winter, and involves several phases of construction to allow the building to operate without any interruption due to loss of heat. The new boilers are being installed while two of the three existing boilers continue to operate. Once the new boilers are operational, the existing boilers will be removed.

Firm's Responsibility: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services